Castle Hills Kitchen - New Generation Kitchen & Bath
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Castle Hills Kitchen

About This Project

Cabinet: Frameless – Midnight Expresso

Countertop: Quartz – Crystal White

Tile Backsplash: Glass Interlocking Tile


This was quite a transformation (see the video above for a step-by-step overview!). Our customer wanted to create an entirely different feel and look with their kitchen, and tasked us with helping make it happen. Right away, we could see that not only did we need to make some aesthetic changes, but also some structural ones, as well. After picking out the cabinets, countertops and backsplash tile, we had to create a plan to remove drywall, break down some walls, open up the space and create a large, functional island to help fill the space.


We worked with the customer step-for-step to help create a plan that helped fit their needs and their wants, and ultimately deliver a kitchen that they could be exceedingly pleased with. After all the structural changes, we helped take an small, very dated-looking kitchen and update it with an entirely new, much more contemporary, much brighter look. The kitchen is now both sleek and chic, while also maintaining a huge amount of functionality. We really loved the way putting backsplash tile all the way to the ceiling created a bit of an upscale, urban feel. Overall, this was one of our favorite recent projects.

Cabinets, Countertops, Kitchen
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