San Antonio Home Office - New Generation Kitchen & Bath
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San Antonio Home Office

About This Project

While we’re known all around San Antonio for our high-quality bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling services (plus our great selection of cabinets and countertops, and great deals on vanities and more), but occasionally we get the opportunity to step out of our regular comfort-zone and help give our clients a customized space outside the kitchen or bathroom.


Such was the case with this project, as our client wanted to remake their home office with custom cabinets. We were able to fit the cabinets into their desired space and give them a functional, yet space-efficient work space that allows for storage, productivity, and adds beauty to their home. The end result was a client who loves their new office space and will be able to neatly store and organize all of their work in an upscale, multi-use space.

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