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San Antonio Walk-In Closets

Custom San Antonio Walk-In Closets

Let Us Build the Walk-in Closet of Your Dreams…

Here at New Generation Kitchen and Bath, we’re known around town for having the best kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling services in San Antonio (as well as the largest, nicest showroom around). While we love being known for our craftsmanship in these areas, we recently started offering custom San Antonio walk-in closets, too! Whether you’re looking to update, renovate, expand or completely redesign your closet space, our team of professional walk-in closet remodeling contractors can handle just about any project.


We excel at helping make your closet both more functional and more aesthetically pleasing. Having a useful and attractive closet can help simplify your life and organize your most commonly-used items. With our team’s experience and knowledge, we can make sure that not only do you receive the best service from start-to-finish, but also that the materials used are of the highest quality and are designed to both look great and last for years to come. We pride ourselves on dramatic closet remodeling transformations, and have an abundance of portfolio projects to show off our handiwork.


Let New Generation handle your San Antonio walk-in closet remodeling and give you the closet of your dreams. Please feel free to visit our portfolio of completed projects, or contact us to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate today!

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    Custom Walk-In Closets at a Great Price

    San Antonio Walk-In Closet Remodeling Contractors

    When you hire New Generation Kitchen and Bath to handle your walk-in closet project, we ensure that you’re receiving the highest level of customer service, highest quality of products, and highest amount of attention to detail possible. We believe in providing fantastic San Antonio closet remodeling transformations. We care about delivering exceptional remodeling services, no matter who you are or where your home is located.

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