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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018

Can you believe it’s March already? It seems like we just had New Year’s eve a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s nearly spring! Now that we’re rolling into income tax return season, this is a great time to consider finally renovating the kitchen you’ve been loathing for months. Whether you’ve grown tired of your honey oak cabinets and worn down laminate countertops, or you’re finally catching up on a 2018 New Year’s resolution, the professionals at New Generation are here to help you.  This year’s trends will brighten up your kitchen, open up the room, and provide more functional and efficient space for you and your family to enjoy. Check out the top 10 kitchen remodeling trends of 2018:

White is Here to Stay

San Antonio Kitchen cabinets remodeling with granite and quartz counter tops

From cabinetry to countertops, white isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, you can change up the way you integrate this classic color choice into your kitchen to create a unique, customized look. Quartz and granite are popular materials for countertops, but now come in a wider variety of colors and veining. As for cabinets, white painted cabinets give a clean look, while adding texture and making the space feel lighter. In addition, grays, creams and even navy remain very popular paint color choices for cabinets. They add a soft splash of color and can blend well with a multitude of design styles.

Functional Island

San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

Islands have long been a popular addition in kitchen remodels, but a new trend is here: skillfully reverting back to basics and clearing off the island. Over the years, people have been started piling on permanent fixtures (stovetops, sinks) and building out multiple levels (e.g. a counter-height workspace and a bar-level dining area), turning simple kitchen islands into overly busy spaces. By shifting the stovetop and sink back to the perimeter counters and creating a single level, the island can return to being a focal point with its large, open work surface. Bonus points for extending the overhang far enough for people to sit at comfortably in barstools – picture guests nibbling on appetizers while the host puts the final touches on a meal or kids doing homework while Mom and Dad make dinner.


Splashy Backsplash

San Antonio Custom Cabinets Backsplash Kitchen Remodeling

You don’t have to live near the L Train to know that subway tiles aren’t out of style yet! Experiment with different sizes (like square) or layouts (try diagonal or herringbone) to keep this idea fresh. Get even splashier – pun completely intended – with diamond backsplashes or travertine stone. This idea is especially great if you’re sticking with the still-trendy all-white kitchen – it allows for a pop of color and interest without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.


Charming Knobs and Pulls

If you’re sticking with the all-white trend, you can introduce color and character in smaller, easier-to-swap-out places like your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Copper is in, so try square, aged bronze pulls with copper highlights. Or keep it light and airy while adding texture using crystal knobs with a brushed nickel base. For European flair, go with oil-rubbed bronze cup drawer pulls. Picking the right style will go a long way to helping create the perfect aesthetic for your kitchen.


Glass-Door Cabinets

San Antonio Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors Remodeling Contractors

Whether your home’s decor is trendy and modern or going for an urban farmhouse appeal, minimalism is in. Instead of removing your cabinets entirely (which opens up the space, but leaves you wondering where to put all your dishes), try a few glass-door display cabinets. You’ll achieve a minimalist effect, minus all the dusting. It works seamlessly with many different styles of home decor, and is widely universal. Plus, you can swap in some Pantone® color of the year dishware for an easily updated trendy look.


Clever Storage

San Antonio Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Storage Organization

Whatever your passion – gourmet cappuccino, homemade macaroons, exotic spices – your storage needs are unique. And you’ll want your espresso pods, baking molds, or Pink Himalayan salt handy for whipping up your next kitchen creation. From tiered drawers to pivoting cabinets, a custom storage solution designed just for your tastes is exactly what’s “in” right now.

Which trends appeal to you most? If you’re planning a San Antonio kitchen remodel for 2018, New Generation Kitchen and Bath can help you hone in on the trends that will work best for you and your home. We’ll make the process fun and tailored to you, and even give you the option of designing your space before you ever contact us. Ultimately, the end result will be something you’ll love well past 2018.

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