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10 Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

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10 Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is a large project that requires plenty of time and planning. Bathroom Remodeling can be an expensive and multi-faceted process, but if planned carefully it can be kept on budget and add a great deal to the value and overall enjoyment of a home.

There’s no question that a well thought out, well planned remodel is a smart move for a savvy San Antonio area homeowner.

Here are ten solid reasons why remodeling the oh-so-important bathroom is a great way to really improve a home.

San Antonio bathroom remodeling

1. Create value by taking advantage of low interest rates.

Today’s low interest rates provide a solid argument for planning a bathroom remodel. A well executed remodel can be a very sound investment in a home’s value, as a modern, tastefully redone bathroom is a very attractive feature in a home. A great bathroom can make or break a home sale and really provide more value for a home that goes far beyond the initial investment.

2. Upgrading the bathroom is a necessary part of home upkeep.

The bathroom obviously serves critical functions in a home, which is why it’s so important for the plumbing to be upgraded and well maintained. A bathroom remodel addresses the practical issues of keeping the home well maintained and usable, while also adding to its cosmetic appeal.

3. Remodeling For Greater Comfort and Luxury

A bathroom remodel, when done well, adds a lot of luxury and an upscale feeling to a home. A beautiful design, with attention to special details like beautiful tile and a standing shower or a spa inspired tub, is a huge bonus to a home and the people who live in it.

4. Add in extra storage.

One element of a bathroom remodel is the opportunity to reuse the space more efficiently. A well-planned remodel can really rework a space to find new areas for cabinets and storage. It’s really amazing how using the bathroom space in a new way can make it seem much larger immediately.

5. Remodeling fixes plumbing problems.

Sometimes it’s a practical issue, like a broken faucet, that motivates a major remodel. A remodel will take into consideration all the practical issues in the bathroom to ensure that all the plumbing and fixtures are working well, even as the overall look of the room gets an upgrade.

6. Create a little getaway, inside the home.

Everyone loves to get away from the world sometimes and just relax, but vacations can be expensive. A beautifully remodeled bathroom in your Whittier home is a way to have an easily accessible mini vacation always in reach, in the home spa.

7. Get rid of a nasty mold infestation.

Since plumbing and water are a big part of the bathroom (obviously) mold and mildew problems can become a major issue. Sometimes the best way to deal with it is to put in new tile and grout and get a fresh, clean start.

San Antonio bathroom remodeling8. Bring in excitement with designer tiles.

There are amazing new looks today in tiles, and good deals abound. Revamping the bathroom with a vibrant new look in colored tiles is a way to add real excitement to your home’s overall design scheme.

9. Make the bathroom completely safe.

Given its utility, the bathroom can become rundown over time. A broken shower door or tiles can create a real safety issue, which is a solid argument for doing a remodel.

10. Satisfy a craving for something new.

There’s nothing like a home makeover to give you a feeling of satisfaction, especially if you are in the mood for something new. New colors and fresh new elements in the bathroom are pleasing to the eye as well as the senses. Since all of this will add value to your home, why not satisfy that healthy craving for something fresh, new and beautiful in the bathroom?

There are obviously many reasons for planning a major bathroom remodel, from the pleasing aesthetics of having a fabulous place to relax and pamper yourself, to the practical issue of needing a place that is safe and highly functional.

The most important element of planning that all encompassing bathroom remodels require, is having a sound design scheme and working with plumbing experts who really know what is needed. It’s worthwhile to have a consultation with a top remodeling firm early on to talk through what’s needed to achieve your “dream bathroom,” whether it’s a tile and paint redo or a major overhaul of all the fixtures and design elements.

Creating a beautifully redone bathroom is one of the most satisfying projects a homeowner can take on. Which is why having the right team in place to achieve that goal is so important.

For quality bathroom remodeling in the San Antonio area, contact New Generation Kitchen & Bath at (210) 202-0988 today, and set up a meeting to review your ideas and plans.

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