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Top Reasons to Remodel Your Closet

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Top Reasons to Remodel Your Closet

Okay, so it’s not exactly the season for “spring cleaning” but we say make up your own rules when it comes time to clean and reorganize. Some of us do this more than several times a year to keep things in check. However, sometimes simply organizing isn’t enough. When your closet doesn’t house the proper shelving, and functional elements, keeping it organized can be a daunting and never ending project. If that’s your situation, don’t worry: the closet remodeling professionals at New Generation Kitchen and Bath are here to help you remodel your closet into your dream space.

Here are 3 reasons to consider remodeling your closet:

Drooping Racks and Shelving

A well-built closet with sturdy materials will rarely bow and break. However there are exceptions such as living close to the ocean where there’s a lot of moisture in the air, and simply if the materials have be unreasonably overloaded with excess weight. Regardless, if this is starting to happen, it’s time to think about a closet remodel. A professional contractor can help you assess the space and take all aspects into consideration (i.e. clothes, shoes, accessories, etc) to provide you with a solid long term solution.

Time to De-clutter!

Deciding to remodel your closet gives you the opportunity to go thru all of your belongings and get rid of anything you haven’t worn or used in a long while. It seems strange, but deciding what to keep and what to do away with can be an emotional experience. There are many reasons to feel attached to an item. It could hold a memory of an experience, or maybe you’re just hoping you’ll have a reason to wear it one day. Whatever the reason, ask yourself if you’ve worn it within the past 1 to 2 years (or weigh it’s usefulness with the “Marie Kondo method“), and if not, maybe it’s time to say goodbye and make room for newer items that will get more usage.

Getting Organized = Efficiency

Having an organized closet can give you a sense of peace when you get dressed everyday. We all have bulky clothing, shoes, and handbags that tend to crowd our closet space. Storage likely dictates how much stuff you house within your closet. But even if you have the space for all of your belongings, ask yourself, “is it all stored efficiently so you can easily see and find things?” If not, this is another great reason for a closet remodel. For example, rather than simply having clothing rods and a single top-shelf, maybe there’s opportunity for lower shelving, cubbies, drawers to organize other accessories such as jewelry, belts, ties, and (of course!) shoe racks. One thing we’ve learned is that shirts can go on the bottom rod and pants on the top.  It actually gives more room. The presentation of an organized closet reminds you of what you have, on the daily. The efficiency of a well-merchandised closet can make all the difference in how you start your day!

One final thought, if you’re an empty-nester, or just purchased a new home that offers a few extra bedrooms, and are looking for ample closet space, why not turn one of those extra rooms into your dream walk-in closet?

When it’s time to consider your closet remodeling needs, call on the professionals at New Generation Kitchen and Bath. We’re here to handle all your projects, and offer professional services at a great price. Give us a call today!

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