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Five Ideas for a Quick Bathroom Makeover

san antonio bathroom remodeling stone oak

Five Ideas for a Quick Bathroom Makeover

After the dumpster fire that was 2020, you may be looking to make some changes to your space. Lucky for you, there’s no need to overdo or spend a fortune to revamp your bathroom! Thanks to a few well-thought-outs decorating tips and planning ideas full of common sense. Here is an overview of our tips for refreshing the bathroom in no time.

You can no longer see your painted bathroom, and its decor catches your eyes? Before changing everything, why not consider faster solutions, and above all less expensive? Painting, accessories, lighting, furnishing – Here are five quick and inexpensive tips for San Antonio bathroom remodeling.

  1. Refresh the Backsplash or the Bathroom Countertops

You can make a few changes in the bathroom in the hope of modernizing or personalizing it with the help of your local San Antonio bathroom remodeling contractors. If the backsplash or the countertops of your vanity is dated or damaged, the room’s general atmosphere will suffer. Without necessarily changing them, you can give them a quick makeover. For this, several solutions are available to you. Cement or granite tile effect, color gradation, mosaic imitation – you can opt for an adhesive vinyl covering that will stick and cover the backsplash in two steps.

  1. Review the Bathroom Color and Furniture

It’s often the color that sins in the bathroom, and the wrong choice can quickly spoil the room’s mood. So bring a brush and paint cans in the tones of your choice to repaint the walls, furniture, tiles, or even the apron of your bathtub.

  1. Accessorize the Bathroom for a Quick Makeover

One practical solution for bathroom remodeling in San Antonio is arranging a few harmonious decorative accessories here and there. You can fancy a Zen, natural atmosphere in your pond; multiply wicker baskets, wooden pots, and raw materials. Is it an industrial decoration that tempts you? So get metallic vases, retro mirrors, or linens in dark tones.

Feel free to showcase all your new accessories on wall shelves or in open niches, for example.

  1. Bring In Some Plants to Bring Life to the Decor

To revive a bathroom decor, nothing beats plants! Placed on the floor in large pots, hanging from windows, or perched on shelves, flowers and green plants brighten up the bathroom.

Shower rooms rarely have an opening to the outside, so be sure to opt for plants that do not need a lot of natural light. Ficus, ZZ, ferns, or sansevierias do wonderfully in dark and humid places.

Also, avoid placing them in the middle of the room or the passage; prefer remote locations, in the corners.

  1. Rethink the Lighting

All you need to do is multiply the light sources and choose suitable locations, especially around the mirror and ceiling.

In the bathroom, always bet on spotlights, wall lights, or suspensions diffusing a white light, a healthy glow. And for that, you don’t even have to put your current lights in the closet: you need to change their bulb!


Final Thoughts

Achieving a refreshed look in your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many of these items can be DIY, but for those that seem a little too “hands-on”, you’re always welcome to reach out to the bathroom remodeling professionals at New Generation Kitchen & Bath. We offer a wide variety of services to help you get the bathroom you’ve always wanted! Contact our team today to get started.

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