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Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

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Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

San Antonio’s Leading Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Discuss What To Avoid In a Bathroom Remodel

It’s always exciting to get a bathroom remodel. You have the chance to lay out your bathroom in a better way, change your color scheme, and update your appliances. A San Antonio bathroom remodeling contractor can help you avoid making bathroom remodel mistakes so you’ll be thrilled with the final result.

Bathroom remodeling mistakes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Usually, they happen when form and function no longer meet. You want your bathroom to easily serve specific needs and also provide a pleasing atmosphere.

Here are some of the most common bathroom mistakes everyone should avoid.


Not Developing a Clear Plan Before The Remodeling Project Starts

It’s great to dream big at your first meeting with your San Antonio bathroom remodeling contractor. But you want your ideas to be translated into a clear, specific plan. If this doesn’t happen, your bathroom remodel will end up with frustrating delays, extra costs, and stress. A clear plan is especially important if your bathroom’s footprint will be changing or you plan to move plumbing lines. New Generation Kitchen & Bath is your partner in constructing a plan so you have a smooth layout for your remodeling journey.

Prioritizing Looks Over Function In Your Bathroom Remodel

It’s important for your bathroom to look good, but you’ll also need to follow building codes and make sure to leave room for proper spacing between appliances. When designing your bathroom layout, make sure every element of your bathroom is spaced properly so that appliances are not too close or far apart from each other. This is important for optimally functioning plumbing and sanitation. Spacing issues also need to be considered as you maximize space in a small area so that your bathroom doesn’t end up looking cluttered.

Not Planning Enough Space In Your Bathroom Storage

This is a common mistake when you retain the same footprint in a small bathroom. Consider how to maximize storage space so your bathroom is functional as well as beautiful. Think about where you plan to store dry towels, extra toilet paper, and your personal cosmetics, along with where you plan to hang wet towels or bathrobes to dry.

Ignoring the Flow of Water In Your Bathroom Design

A careful planning process with your San Antonio remodeling contractor can help avoid this issue. A bathroom that is poorly designed will end up with plumbing nightmares that can range from inconvenience to mold buildup and water damage. Your contractor can help you design shower tiles that encourage water to move in the right direction. But you’ll also want to think about the placement of your shower head, whether you need to walk into a shower (and get yourself wet) to turn it on, and where to put a handheld shower head for easy cleaning.

Not Installing Bathroom Grab Bars & Other Safety Measures

It’s always disappointing when a bathroom isn’t a safe or functional space for the people who need to use it. Consider installing non-slip surfaces, a walk in shower, and safety handles so your bathroom is accessible for anyone who will be using it. If you don’t want to add them in now, leave room for them to be installed in the future

Improper Bathroom Ventilation

This is a major mistake with expensive consequences, which can include remediation due to mold or mildew growth and water damage. Humidity that is trapped into your bathroom can cause premature wear on grout and paint. It’s essential to select an exhaust fan that is properly sized for the bathroom.

Choosing Inappropriate Materials For Your Bathroom Remodel

One of the most important parts of designing a bathroom is choosing materials that are designed to function well in a room that experiences fast temperature changes and high moisture levels. Our team can help you find the right materials in your price range that also help you achieve the final look you want.

Choosing The Wrong Bathroom Light Fixtures

It’s easy to get carried away with unique light fixtures, but take time to make sure that the lighting you choose will work well in your bathroom. You don’t want the wrong light fixtures to cast shadows across the mirror, make it difficult to put on your makeup, or be over/undersized for your bathroom. If you choose a large mirror, be sure to consider where your light fixtures will fit so your bathroom will be bright enough.

Underestimating Your Remodeling Budget

As you consider your bathroom remodeling project, be honest about your budget. Unexpected costs add up quickly. It’s important to be clear about your baseline budget so that you can make any necessary adjustments and be completely happy with the project once it’s completed.

Quality Bathroom Remodeling In San Antonio

Whether your bathroom needs a facelift or a complete redesign, the experts at New Generation Kitchen & Bath are ready to help you get the job done. We are a family owned business with over 40 years of contracting experience, so you can feel confident that we are the pros who can make your bathroom look amazing. It’s our goal to complete all of our projects with integrity and exceptional craftsmanship. To get started with your remodeling project, contact us today!

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