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A New Bathroom is a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Bathroom Remodeling San Antonio Valentines Day

A New Bathroom is a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

All across San Antonio, couples are starting to make their Valentine’s Day plans. Many will decide to go out on expensive dinners, take secluded trips to Hill Country B&B’s, or find a grand romantic gesture to show their significant other how much they care for them. Stores are full of chocolates, prices on flowers have skyrocketed, and jewelry stores are staying busier than during any other time of year. Yes, during the month of February, love truly is in the air. Nearly every business is offering some sort of incentive to help romantics display their affection for one another and create a unique, memorable Valentine’s Day gift or experience.

Lost in all the pageantry of the season is one of the best, most appreciated gifts you could possibly offer your Valentine – a brand new, customized bathroom. Sure, it may not be as conventional and traditional as roses and champagne, but there are several reasons why a custom bathroom remodel from New Generation Kitchen and Bath would be the perfect gift to bestow this Valentine’s Day season.

1. Importance / Frequency

Studies show that the average American spends anywhere from 4-8 hours in their bathroom every week. That’s a lot of time spent looking at a room that most people admit they don’t love. Whether it’s getting ready for work, using the facilities, cleaning, showering, or even something as simple as brushing your teeth, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Unfortunately, we also often neglect it when it comes to design and decor, or just accept that the bathroom we inherited when we moved in is the one we’re destined to keep. Luckily for you, neither has to be true anymore. Our custom bathroom remodeling services at New Generation will help you create a space that you actually enjoy spending time in. You’re going to be in there anyway, you may as well like it. We can install new bathroom cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring and more to help create the ideal space for you and your loved one. We even do structural remodels, such as installing walk-in showers or converting old shower spaces into closet storage. Does your Valentine want to spend even more time in the bathroom by turning your small, dated bathtub into a deep, oval shaped tub that’s perfect for soaking with a glass of wine and a book? We do that, too! Given the option between making several hours of use each week more enjoyable and having one fancy, romantic dinner date, I think the choice here would be pretty obvious.

2. Longevity

Let’s face it, a new bathroom lasts a lot longer than 95% of the ideas you’ve kicked around for Valentine’s Day so far. Think about it: flowers will be wilted and dead in a week. Chocolates will be eaten within a day or two. A teddy bear may sit on the bed or the cabinet for a while, then it’ll mysteriously go missing and be stuffed into a storage box in the garage. Even if you choose to offer a unique experience (a trip to a romantic Hill Country B&B, for example), it creates a great memory, but not something that you can use routinely and repeatedly. However, as we’ve already talked about, people always use their bathrooms. You’ll be giving yourself and your loved one a gift that they’ll be utilizing again and again for years. In fact, most people only do a bathroom remodeling project once every 15-20 years or so. That means that you’ll have constant, consistent, and long-lasting reminders of that one Valentine’s Day where you were super sweet and hired New Generation to give your loved one their dream bathroom.

3. Long-Term Value

Finally, this is a gift that actually gives back. Most of the time, Americans only stay in one house for a maximum of about 20 years. Maybe that’s because their family outgrows the space, they get a job in a new city, or they’re now empty-nesters who choose to relocate to be closer to relatives, we tend to experience a fair amount of turnover in our homes. When you get ready to sell your home and relocate, the bathroom remodel will still be adding value to your home and will you increase the resale price. Having a luxurious, elegant bathroom can add thousands to your home’s value and will not only make the house easier to sell, but will also mean you’ll have more money in your budget to buy your new home. You think that stuffed animal you bought last year for Valentine’s Day is going to be worth anything in a few years? I wouldn’t count on it.

So there you have it. There are several ways to show someone you love them this Valentine’s Day, but one of the best options is to schedule a bathroom remodeling project from the experts at New Generation Kitchen and Bath. Our team is skilled in creating the exact type of experience you’re looking for and can help deliver the bathroom of your dreams on-time and on-budget. Let out team help you start the bathroom remodeling project by either coming to our beautiful showroom, perusing our completed work projects, or checking out our bathroom visualizer to see exactly how you’d like to combine colors and textures in your home.


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